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Professional Cleaning For Your Needs
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BLM Carpet Cleaning & Housekeeping 

Water Extraction & Cleanup

Ø  BLM have truck mount equipment to remove water and sewage from the areas affected in your home.

Ø  BLM have portable units to Air dry and extract moisture from the affected areas.

Ø  BLM have portable units to apply Anti Microbial treatments to include Germicides and Deodorizers to the affected areas.


BLM Carpet Cleaning & Housekeeping

Ø  BLM have professional staff that can take on any situation at any time. We all know that you never plan when a water issue will happen. So we always plan for the unexpected and dispatch as soon as you need us to. We work through the day and night to complete the job and ensure minimal water damage to your home. We also DO NOT charge extra fee’s on dispatch or after hours. Call us today for you professional Cleanup needs

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